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A little bit about Samera

Samera began almost 20 years ago as a firm of dental accountants in Surrey. Since then, we have grown by leaps and bounds and we are now one of the leading dental business specialists in the UK. Nowadays, we provide help to dentists with everything from accounts and tax to finance and digital marketing. Now, healthcare is our business. 

When COVID struck, like everyone else our cash flow took a major hit and we were looking for ways to cut costs. That’s when we launched the Samera Dental Buying Group. By joining together and leveraging the power of our numbers, we’ve been able to access lower prices, exclusive discounts and important savings in our dental product purchases. 

By joining the Samera Alliance Group, you can enjoy the buying and negotiating power of a large dental group while remaining an independent practice. 

It’s simple. Buying in bulk makes things cheaper, which is why dental groups get better prices. Buying single items independently is a lot more expensive, which is why smaller practices face bigger prices. 

A buying group is a group of independent dentists working together like a dental buying group to buy products, equipment and consumables in bulk to get all the purchasing power of a dental buying group, but with none of the drawbacks. 

Not only that, we’re creating a close-knit community and we want to build on that community by involving you! Working together, we make our businesses bigger, stronger and better. We use our negotiating strengths to get you better prices and provide you with all the services you will need to grow your practice. 

Our culture

We believe that culture beats strategy. Get the right people together and the rest will fall into place. We believe that independent, private practices are the future of UK dentistry. We believe that together, we can compete with and even beat the large, corporate dental groups. 

Our mission is to create a community in the UK’s dental industry where smaller practices can negotiate prices, lower their costs and increase their prices. 

Our goal is to build a network where we can support and help each other increase the value of our businesses and grow the profits of our practices. 

How are we doing that? With the Samera Alliance Group. By bringing together independent, private practices, we can get the right people together and the rest will fall into place. 


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