Level 1: Save

Level 1 of the Samera Alliance Group is all about saving money to ease your cash flow. 

Your business needs money to grow. Your business has money, you just need to make it work properly for you. 

The first step towards improving your cash flow is to cut your expenses wherever you can. Your business relies on expensive, cutting-edge equipment and regular, costly consumables. These make up a large portion of your expenses and are one of the key areas where you can cut your costs and save some money. 

By cutting the costs of your assets, equipment and consumables, as well as borrowing money where you need to on the best terms possible, you can really start to grow your working capital. 

What do you get?

Exclusive discounts

As part of the Samera Alliance Group, Level 1 gives you instant membership to the Samera Dental Buying Group. This means you get access to exclusive discounts and offers on the dental products and consumables you’ll need to grow. 

From PPE and medical emergency supplies to surgery chairs and digital scanners, you’ll get the assets you need at the prices you want. 

But what about big purchases, where your working capital just won’t cover it? 

Free financial brokerage

If you need to borrow asset finance to cover the purchase, our in-house financial brokers will get to work for you. They’ll find the right loan with the best terms for your business. 

Our financial brokers have decades of experience and a huge network throughout the UK’s dental industry. They can assist with your loan application and negotiation to make sure your application is successful. 

The best bit? Our asset finance services are completely FREE! You don’t pay us a penny for sourcing your finance to purchase assets. 

That means you’ll get better loans for cheaper assets by joining the Samera Alliance Group.

Dental engineering support saving service 

Once you have your brand-new assets (which cost you less than they otherwise would have) you’ll need to keep them services and maintained. 

You’ll have access to one of the largest networks of repair and maintenance services in the UK. All of your new products and assets will be maintained and repaired when they need it quickly and efficiently.

Dental consumables and product savings

·       PPE

·       Medical emergency supplies, drugs and equipment

Dental engineering support saving service

·       Servicing

·       Maintenance and repairs

Level 2: Grow

Level 2 of the Samera Alliance Group takes the money you saved in Level 1 and puts it to work growing your business. 

There are so many things to do and different ways you can grow your business. No one person or company will be able to offer them all, certainly not to a high standard! 

The key to business is finding the right person for the job. That’s not always you and it’s not always us. 

Luckily, we’ve been in the game for quite a while and if we don’t do it, we know the right person for the job. Business is about who you know and we know most people in the UK dental industry.

From recruitment and payroll to CCTV and recycling, you’re going to need a lot of contacts. You’re going to need a network like the Samera Alliance Group.

Purchasing assets, expanding the premises, utilities, internet, insurance, accessibility, the list goes on and on. 

When you grow your practice, the Samera Alliance Group will make sure you get the right person for the job every time. 

Core Overheads Saving Service

·       Recruitment agencies

·       Payroll

·       HR files

·       Bonus schemes

·       Indemnities

·       Uniforms

·       Risk assessments

·       Furniture/décor companies

·       Outdoor signage

·       Utilities

·       Disability aids – ramps, hearing loops etc

·       CCTV

·       Building insurances

·       Dental equipment – chairs, xray machinery, cabinetry

·       Laboratories

·       Telecoms

·       Cyber security

·       Business rates

·       Cleaning supplies and companies

·       Building maintenance – plumbers, electricians etc

·       Water supplies

·       Recycling services

·       Hygiene services

·       Hospitality

·       Computer equipment, printers etc

·       Printing services, documents and posters etc

·       Internet coverage

·       Dental software

·       Merchant cards

·       Data storage/removal, shredding

·       Waste management

Level 3: Thrive

Business Growth Development Services

·       CPD and training

·       Professional services – solicitors, lawyers, accountancy

·       Compliance

Monthly Business Support Webinars

·       Webinars and courses

Clinical courses

·       Further education courses for dentists and nurses

Marketing on the Samera Smiles Website (Optional extra)

·       Digital Marketing

·       SEO/PPC

·       Social Media

At Level 3, your business really takes off and begins to thrive. 

You’ll work with our business development team to grow the value of your business even further. 

We’ll work alongside you to increase your profits and grow your practice to build a truly successful business. 

Our compliance team will work with you to ensure that your thriving business correctly implements and maintains compliance. 

You will receive CPD certified training to turn you into a business master. You will work with and learn from some of the top experts in the UK’s dental sector. More importantly, you and your business will grow to the point where you don’t need us anymore. You will be thriving!

Level 3 also gives you access to monthly business support webinars and courses, designed specifically for the Samera Alliance Group members. Not only that, Level 3 members also receive clinical further education courses for both dentists and nurses.  

As part of Level 3 of the Samera Alliance Group, you will also get access to more professional services such as solicitors, lawyers and accountants. 

As an optional extra, we can also assist you with your digital marketing strategy, helping you get more patients through the door.